Our Hobbit Horses (Mini Horses)

These are our “hobbit-horses”, Bilbo and Frodo. Technically they’re mini-horses, but my “Lord of the Rings” loving boy named them. I’d never owned a little horse before. But our urban farm would be a bit cramped for full-sized horses. Bilbo and Frodo have turned out to be the safest way to teach horsemanship to the kids. They are tiny, harmless, adorable versions of big horses. (I taught horseback riding long enough to know the dangers of horses, no matter how much I love them). The hobbit-horses are as gentle and loving as a family dog. I have trusted them with Daisy since she was two. I don’t think we could ever give them up now.

#minihorse #hobbithorse #chickens #horses #pasture #urbanfarm #farmtofork

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