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Dating Eggs

With four kids, our eggs usually get eaten within a day. But there is nothing worse than cracking open a rotten egg which has spent too long at the bottom of the bowl! In France dates are stamped on eggs – not the date they expire, the date they are laid. “One Day Eggs” (laid yesterday) are most prized. I’ve borrowed this system, writing the date laid on the top of each egg. Sometimes I include the month, but we usually go through the eggs fast enough that I don’t need to, especially in the winter. I pack them in cartons by date, and the kids know to use the oldest eggs first. Daisy, of course, always asks for the blue Helena eggs. For a while I was adding “Laid by Beatrice” or “Laid by Olivia”, in pretty handwriting on the eggs. When we only had four chickens it was easier because they each laid a different color egg. But also, my 13 year old daughter complained that made it “too personal”, and refused to eat eggs with names on them. So we’re back to just the date. I haven’t cracked open a rotten egg yet! What do you do to sort your eggs?

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