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Hobbit Horses!

Growing up among horses, and teaching riding, I saw my share of scary horse accidents. I always taught horse safety, but accepted some risk as par for the course. Until the time came for me to put my own babies on the back of an animal. While I will always love regular sized horses, and riding, suddenly the idea of putting the life of my tiny child in the hands, or hooves, of a thousand pound animal, known to be skittish, with rock hard hooves swinging at the bottom of a six foot fall, seemed preposterous.

Enter mini-horses! These guys are as gentle and sweet as a family dog. And they’re small enough that a two year old can lead them on her own with confidence, and learn to pick hooves or curry with basically no risk of injury. A fall is no higher than off a tricycle. It never occurred to me to own mini-horses. Like most of the animals in our barn, it was sort of by accident, they basically found us. I’m so glad they did!

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