Goats and Chèvre

Laura Chenel brought goat cheese making to California in the 1980’s. Until then, the soft, tangy, cheese had been largely unavailable in the US.
The first time I tasted the creamy rounds of warm goat cheese, sautéed in bread crumbs, and served on a bed of greens, at Chez Panisse in Berkeley, was a revelation.

Ever since, I’ve wanted to learn to make goat cheese.

So… I think I need goats!

When I do, I think they need a playground like this one Thatcher Long built for his goats, don’t you?

#cooptofork #urbanfarm #farmtofork #fresheggs #chickens #eggs #coop #farmlife #goats #chèvre #goatcheese #coopdreams #coopgoals

Chez Panisse Baked Chèvre photo by Jonny Valiant


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