Orphaned Bunnies

We found our rabbits on the street, next to a fresh pile of chopped up carrots. Someone had loved them, but couldn’t take care of them anymore. These bunnies were so sweet and tame. They practically hopped up to us and begged to be adopted. There was no way we could leave them on the street. Obviously we had no choice!

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My Little Chicken Tosser

This is Daisy, my six year old little farmer. She is my constant companion in the garden, and loves her chickens maybe even more than I do. She calls herself “the chicken tosser”, which is less nefarious than it sounds.

When it’s time to put the chickens in for the night, she picks up each one, and carries it to the enclosed run. With a flutter, they fly from her arms into the run, hence the “tossing”.

Since Daisy was tiny, she has taken a little stool into the coop, (which does look a bit like a play house), to sit and talk to her chickens for hours. She also likes to carry a chicken, usually Helena, around the property on a “tour”, where she points out tasty bugs and plants. Daisy makes chicken keeping so much more fun!