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Variation of Blue Eggs

Laikyn Camacho asked: “Are Ameraucanas the only hens that lay blue eggs? I have two of them, and I got (two different) color blue eggs yesterday, but my girls are the same age. One of them has not been laying in months though… my other girl has been consistent with an egg every other day.”

That’s a good question Laikyn! I’m still figuring all this out myself, but here’s what I think: I bet the darker egg is from the chicken who hasn’t been laying for a while. The pigment on eggs is always darkest at the beginning of a laying season, and gradually fades as the season progresses. After the hen takes a break from laying, the pigment rebuilds in her system, and the eggs start out darker again.

That said, egg color also varies from hen to hen, even if the hens are sisters – just like our hair color varies. So it’s possible that one hen will always lay a lighter blue egg than the other.

Hope this helps!

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