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Blue Egg Breeds

I am still learning about this myself, but here’s my understanding of it:

Auracanas lay blue eggs, but are difficult to raise as they die easily in the shell, and are only available through breeders. Auracanas have ear tufts. Auracanas only lay blue eggs.

Ameraucanas are a more hardy, and common, breed, which I believe is derived from Auracanas genes. I have found excellent Ameraucana chicks at o ur local feed store. Ameraucanas have muffs and a beard, rather than ear tufts. You can see the muff and beard on my Ameraucana, Helena, in the picture. They lay blue, or grey-blue eggs.

Easter Eggers are a mixed breed of chicken which do not conform to any show standards, but are great coop chickens. Many feed stores and hatcheries mistakenly label their Easter Eggers as Ameraucanas. If you are buying them for your own back yard, it doesn’t really matter. If you want a show chicken, you’ll want to be careful to verify the breed. Easter Eggers lay blue, green, pink, olive, or cream eggs. You never really know what color a feed store Easter Egger chick will grow up to lay. But I have heard what may be an old farmer’s wives tale that the color of the legs or ears of the chick will predict the color egg they will lay.

Finally, there are the Cream Legbars. They are an English breed and on my wishlist! They are autosexing (which means you can tell the sex of the chick as soon as it is born). They are supposed to be friendly and smart, and they always lay some shade of blue egg.

Please let me know if you have information to add!

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