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Planting Bulbs in Spring?

Daisy and I planted hundreds of daffodil and tulip bulbs in the fall. It took us a couple of weeks. As we were finishing, we noticed that some of them were already sprouting green shoots and buds. I worried that if hard frosts did come later in the winter, all the plants would die. And if it did stay warm, we’d have tulips and daffodils by Valentine’s Day! Call me old fashioned – but I like my bulbs to bloom in the Spring. 😁

So we decided to save the last couple bags of bulbs to plant later, in hopes of spring blooms. It did turn out to be an exceptionally warm winter, the Narcissuses were up by New Year’s Eve. The rest aren’t far behind! Sometimes I miss the years when we lived in New England. I remember looking hungrily for the yellow forsythia blooms among bare branches. And I was so excited for the first purple crocuses poking through the snow at Easter.

Here in California, I’ve stored the remaining bulbs in paper bags in the refrigerator for the past few weeks, and Daisy and I are planting them now. I hope this will work! But I’ve never done it this way before. Have any of you?

I’m using one of my favorite tools – have y’all seen this before? It’s an attachment for my power drill that drills bulb holes! It is SO awesome! My dad gave it to me for Christmas a couple years ago. I’m ashamed to say it sat unused in my garden shed until this fall, because I didn’t really understand how great it is. Poking bulb holes in beds never seemed that hard. But this tool completely changes the game! It is so fast and easy. I owe my father a belated, more enthusiastic, thank you!

(I love sharing things I think are neat, but this isn’t any sort of a compensated endorsement. I’ll try to find one like it online and leave a link in the comments in case anyone is interested. 😊)

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