Farm to Fork

The Farmer’s Market in the Farm-to-Fork Capital

Let me tell you about this incredible farmer’s market! Sacramento has always been the heart of California agriculture. When I was growing up we called it “Sac-o-tomatoes”. And we really do grow a lot of tomatoes here! In the summers, the curves of the freeway are red with tomatoes that roll off the top of the open air trailers when they turn. Cow-tipping, ice-blocking, and crawdadding were all a part of my teenage years. (Don’t worry, we never actually tipped a cow!) We picked wild blackberries by the river in the summers, and headed to Apple Hill in the fall for fresh cider and apple donuts.

As the farm-to-fork movement grew in California, Sacramento led the charge. We have amazing educational urban farms like Soil Born Farms. We have a community of chefs who are excited about local, seasonal products. Our city council has embraced urban farming, strongly supporting initiatives for backyard chicken flocks, and school gardens. The city hosts an amazing farm-to-fork festival each year. Tickets to the cornerstone event of the festival – the Bridge Dinner (literally on the Tower Bridge, over the river) – are highly coveted, and sell out within minutes. And we have such exciting, vibrant, farmer’s markets, almost every day of the week. The biggest of these is the downtown Sunday market, under the freeway. Farmers from all over the valley bring their wares, year-round. Most of the regions top chefs can be seen here on a regular basis, as well as hundreds of locals. You always run into someone you know here!

We are at the end of our winter season, so today I found beautiful citrus fruits including pomelos, tiny sweet yellow limes, and my favorite, Meyer lemons! I also found strawberries bursting with flavor, wild caught salmon, exotic mushrooms, baby lettuces, handmade sausage, seedlings for my garden, a fragrant eucalyptus wreath, and a French apple almond tart. Of course, Daisy also got a gigantic, flaky, chocolate croissant. It’s no wonder this place is a favorite of both of ours!

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