Chickens, Keeping Chickens

Why You Want to Tame Your Chickens

The more you handle you baby chicks, the more tame they will be. It’s great to have tame chickens for lots of reasons!

First, it’s more fun to have tame chickens. If you haven’t kept chickens before, it may be difficult to believe, but you really will get to know their personalities. They can be so funny and entertaining!

Even if you plan on them being barnyard chickens, not pets, the more tame chickens become, the easier it will be to treat them when they are injured or sick.

It makes it easier to round them up into the coop at dusk, or to negotiate nesting box politics.

Finally, there is nothing funnier, not more joy-inducing, than watching your flock of baby dinosaurs come running to you when you call!


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