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Rooster Spurs

Crystal R. Bender asked about removing roosters spurs. You may want to remove a rooster’s spurs if he is being too rough with your girls. But generally, most people remove a rooster’s spurs is if he is being too rough with his human handlers. For me, if a rooster has enough behavior issues that his spurs are a problem, then that’s not the rooster I want around my kids – spurs or no. I guess I think of it like a cat with claws – our pet cat could do lots of damage with her claws, but never would, (except to my furniture!!), so it’s not a problem. I’ll keep one, friendly, rooster around, and that’s pretty much my limit. But I have a small, urban, flock. For other flocks, roosters are a necessity, for breeding, flock protection, and flock management. There are lots of different “right” ways to keep chickens. I’ve read about the “baked potato method” to remove spurs, but never tried it. So I’m including a link to a good article, by people who clearly have more experience with the process than I do!

And yes, this is my rooster. I’m not kidding about only keeping a completely un-intimidating rooster! Although having his own cavalry helps. 😁

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