!!! Missing Child !!!

Deanna Marie Gemperle is still missing. Deanna is without medications needed for serious medical needs for which she has been receiving weekly care by a coordinated treatment team – this is a serious AT RISK missing child situation.

We are very worried and need your help in keeping this alert alive in hopes someone has seen her (she could be anywhere in U.S. now). Please help us. If you have any information, please contact Turlock police at (209)668-1200.

Last seen: Tuesday, June 26 between 7:45-9:20am

Last known location: Turlock, California (specifically near El Capitan Drive and Berkeley Avenue (which is near Crane Park – she was not last seen in the park, but near her family home – within the few blocks of El Capitan Drive between N. Berkeley Avenue and N. Johnson Road.

DOB: 10/17/01 (age 16, but does not have driver’s license).

5’6”and 104 pounds, brown eyes, long light brown hair that is worn long or in bun on top of head.

Deanna does not have her therapy dog Charlie with her (Charlie, a mini Yorkie, and Deanna’s other loved dogs, Bella and Sunny, are still at home with us – her dad and stepmom – at our Turlock, CA home).

Deanna is beautiful, inside and out, extremely kind, sassy in a fun teen way, has an incredible sense of humor, loves animals, hamburgers, candy, doing art projects (including painting and making slime), Disneyland, anything with Mickey Mouse on it, the Dixie Chicks, and still loves LEGOs, unicorns and everything pink and sparkly. She did competitive gymnastics until a few years ago, and just started horseback riding lessons a year ago. She was about to start a Disney castle LEGO kit when she went missing.

Thank you to everyone who has helped us by sharing the alert about her disappearance. We are grateful for all the messages/texts/calls/prayers, and please know we do not have time to reply to everyone. If there are any updates, we will post immediately. We need you to help keep this post alive to help find Deanna.

Again, please direct Information to Turlock police at (209)668-1200.

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