Where to Find Local Flours!

Yesterday I explained a great trick I know of to make a little bit of store bought yeast last a loooooong way.  With just a teaspoon of the store-bought stuff, you can make your own almost foolproof starter, which you can use instead of yeast, for years to come!

But then, EVERYONE said there is no flour to be found in stores!!  Oh my gosh!!!  These are crazy times we’re living in.  I never dreamed we’d experience shortages like this.  Part of me is completely freaking out.  But these times are also presenting us with opportunities:  opportunities to spend more time with our family, to learn to do things again like baking bread, and to support small local businesses.

I was able to order flour from a local mill for a very reasonable price, and have it shipped to my home.  The flour is amazing!!!  It makes a crunchy, deep colored, crust; big open bubbles, and a rich, malty flavor.  With that in mind, I’ve put together a list of local mills across the United States which are selling flour.  Each of the sources I’ve listed are open for business now, have flour in stock, and are shipping, as of today.  Some of them even have yeast!

Our nation is blanketed in fields of wheat.  We just need to go back to the farmers and the mills to find it.  We can support farmers, small businesses, and get the staples we need, to make it through this.  Check out my list, to find a source near you.  We are alone, together.

Stay farm-strong my friends. ❤️

With love,

Artisan Flour Mills



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