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My Chick Problem is Solved!

I was at the gym, talking about chickens. Because of course I talk about chickens when I’m at the gym. 😂 A nice gentleman, who often swims laps when I do, mentioned that he wanted to get more chickens this Spring. He planned to pay a farmer for older pullets instead of raising chicks. I stopped him right there. I told him I would LOVE to raise chicks for him!

I may have actually informed him that I would be raising chicks for him. I’m not completely sure how much of a choice I gave him. Luckily he was very kind about it. 😁

It perfect! We get to raise a brood of baby chicks. We’ll keep a couple, but not too many because we are hitting our limit. The rest will go to a good home down the road, so the kids can visit if they get too attached. And he’ll get hand-raised, tame, laying hens.

Best of all, for any of you who are thinking of getting chicks, but new to it, I’ll be going through the whole process with y’all! You can absolutely do it. ❤️

I get more chicks!!!

Happy! Happy! Happy! 😁😁😁

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