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Chicken Art

Look at this awesome barn art I got from local artist and fellow chicken keeper, Chris Temple. I love it!!!

Here’s a link in case you’d like something like it too: https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/293146914540231

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Barn Decor

New decorations for the coop and gate. We may be a muddy mess, but we’re a cute muddy mess! 😂

A few of you have asked about where I found my gate roosters. It was one of those 3am finds on eBay. I was quite sure I had discovered a rare treasure! Luckily for all of you, it turns out, it is also available on Amazon for $19.99. 😂

Here’s the link: 😊


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Headed to the Farmer’s Market!

Today I’m headed to the downtown Sacramento farmer’s market with my favorite six year old, and my favorite Christmas present! I use this wagon in the garden and barn for a million things. It has all terrain wheels that can handle the pasture, and carry heavy loads. It’s washable, and collapsible, so I also throw it in the car each week, and load it up with bushels of treasures at the farmer’s market. I used to use baskets, but they kept breaking, because I love to find the full flats of slightly bruised strawberries, peaches, or cherries, for making homemade jams. No more!

Here’s link if you’d like to check it out: https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B06VTCLX48/ref=mp_s_a_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1520200974&sr=8-1-spons&pi=AC_SX236_SY340_QL65&keywords=creative+outdoor+all+terrain+folding+wagon&psc=1&smid=A1VLPYMYU04LA0

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The Heat Source

Keeping chicks warm is one of the most important parts of raising new chicks.

Baby chicks need at least part of their coop to be 95-100 degrees for the first two weeks. Then it should be reduced by 5 degrees a week, for a month, until their feathers have grown in.

We keep our youngest baby chicks in front of the fireplace, which, in the winter, always has a pilot light lit and is warm. I’ve made a window in one side, with hardware cloth and duct tape, to allow the warm air in. I had read horror stories of fires started by heat lamps, and decided they were too risky. So our first batch of chicks were warmed by the fireplace, and a waterproof, fire-safe, pet-warming pad, under half the crate (only half, so that they could move away from it if they got too hot). There was a lot of starting and stopping the gas fire, worrying that they were too hot or too cold.

But a more consistent heat source would make life easier for everyone. Last year I bought a brooder plate. It was about $60, which is more than I usually spend on chicken supplies. But it has been worth it. It’s safe, holds a steady temperature, and adjusts higher as they grow. I really like it.

I also put a sticker thermometer on the inside of the box, to easily keep an eye on the temperature. Even so, we still keep them by the fire when they are tiny. It’s cozy there, and so fun to watch them!

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Flyte So Fancy!

Oh my gosh you guys!!! I have found the most amazing, in-your-fantasy-life-this-is-where-you-will-buy-all-your-chicken-supplies website! 😍😍😍 You have to check it out! It’s called Flyte so Fancy. https://www.flytesofancy.co.uk/index.html

Tragically, unless you live in England, it can only be in your fantasy life. Flyte So Fancy, I think I love your coops more than anything in the world. I think you need to expand your market to the U.S., and that you should start by sending me a coop that I can share with the thousands of people who would also fall in love with your coops here!! 😘 😁)

In the meantime, dear readers, you’re welcome for many hours worth of weekend chicken daydreaming on their site. (And it’s not just the pictures, the articles are really good too! Seriously!! 😂)

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go pretend that I’m Princess Kate, and my countryside cottage needs a coop. ❤️❤️❤️😁


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Valentine’s Sweets

I got the sweetest treat for Valentine’s Day! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

I don’t turn my nose up at any kind of chocolates, but these are special! They are Ginger Elizabeth chocolates!! (she says with reverence and a happy sigh)

The Ginger Elizabeth store is like the small Parisian chocolatier shops, where each piece is a fleeting, perishable treasure. Each little jewel is a sophisticated expression of art and complex flavors, created with the highest quality, seasonal, and local, ingredients. These chocolates are truly a luxury!

One of the things I love about living in Sacramento is the culture of farm-to-fork – prioritizing fresh, quality ingredients from local, seasonal sources. The community is passionate about artisan products like this. It’s so much fun to talk food with farmers and chefs here! It’s just exciting to watch, and taste, the farm-to-fork movement grow here. We’re so lucky to have this amazing chocolatier in here in Sacramento! I am going to relish each one of these. And no, I’m not sharing with the kids! 😁

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Planting Bulbs in Spring?

Daisy and I planted hundreds of daffodil and tulip bulbs in the fall. It took us a couple of weeks. As we were finishing, we noticed that some of them were already sprouting green shoots and buds. I worried that if hard frosts did come later in the winter, all the plants would die. And if it did stay warm, we’d have tulips and daffodils by Valentine’s Day! Call me old fashioned – but I like my bulbs to bloom in the Spring. 😁

So we decided to save the last couple bags of bulbs to plant later, in hopes of spring blooms. It did turn out to be an exceptionally warm winter, the Narcissuses were up by New Year’s Eve. The rest aren’t far behind! Sometimes I miss the years when we lived in New England. I remember looking hungrily for the yellow forsythia blooms among bare branches. And I was so excited for the first purple crocuses poking through the snow at Easter.

Here in California, I’ve stored the remaining bulbs in paper bags in the refrigerator for the past few weeks, and Daisy and I are planting them now. I hope this will work! But I’ve never done it this way before. Have any of you?

I’m using one of my favorite tools – have y’all seen this before? It’s an attachment for my power drill that drills bulb holes! It is SO awesome! My dad gave it to me for Christmas a couple years ago. I’m ashamed to say it sat unused in my garden shed until this fall, because I didn’t really understand how great it is. Poking bulb holes in beds never seemed that hard. But this tool completely changes the game! It is so fast and easy. I owe my father a belated, more enthusiastic, thank you!

(I love sharing things I think are neat, but this isn’t any sort of a compensated endorsement. I’ll try to find one like it online and leave a link in the comments in case anyone is interested. 😊)

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My Favorite Chicken Mug

A lovely rainy afternoon. Reading “Tumtum and Nutmeg” to the girls, coffee in my favorite mug, (I absolutely covet all the Jacques Pepin chicken dishes – look how silly the chickens are!) And fresh baked oatmeal chocolate chip cookies – crispy, chewy, warm, and SO delicious. Made, entirely on her own, by ten year old Elizabee, from her beloved Auntie Nada’s recipe. ❤️❤️❤️

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